Is It Bad To Run On Concrete

Running requires that you consider the surface that you are running on. This is because all you body weight is suspended on the surface that your foot falls on. This means that as you raise your leg and take a step as you run all your body weight pressure is suspended on the other leg. Concrete may not be the most ideal running surface because of how hard it is.

Concrete is made of solid cement and sand which makes it quite tough and hard. You will be exerting loots of pressure on a hard surface that is not actually recommended.

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What happens when you run on concrete?

As you run you will realize that your leg joints curve to be able to take a step. This means that if you exert lots of pressure on these joints you may end up causing pain on them. As you run you are actually suspending your body weight on one foot as the other is lifted. This is from below the waist to your foot. Be abreast about a nye nettcasino


If you run on concrete you will have to exert lots of pressure to your foot to counter the hardness of the concrete surface that you are stepping on. These pressure can lead to pains on your leg muscles and joints over time.

On the extreme end as the surface is hard too much pressure may lead you to twisting your ankle which can lead to serious pain also.

The best option you may have instead of running on concrete is to just choose a softer surface like grass or soil. This will be easier for you because your foot falls on a softer surface hence less pressure is exerted by your legs. You will also be using lesser energy and hence saves your body lost of productive momentum.

What happens if you can avoid concrete?

Does it actually mean that if concrete surfaces are your only option you now stop running? No. This should not be the case. You should just look at options that will not render you vulnerable to injuries caused by the concrete.

Running on concrete

One of the options that you can actually consider is investing in good quality running shoes. The sole of these shoes should be cushion like so that they can counter the pressure of the hard surface. The shoes act more like a shock absorber which pads your foot and eases the pressure. This will help you not injure your joints and hence you will be safer.