Is It Bad To Wear Tight Underwear For Guys

The question of whether tight underwear is bad or not for men has been around for some time. So far, studies have confirmed that tight underwear isn’t great for a man’s reproductive health. One such study was conducted at Harvard T.H.

Chans school of Public Health and went further from linking tight underwear with low sperm count in men to confirming that the posture of the body too can affect the man’s overall sperm count.

Why tight underwear is bad for guys?

The researchers behind the aforementioned findings recruited 650 adult men seeking fertility-related treatment at MGH (Massachusetts General Hospital) with their partners. The men provided vials of blood samples and semen, so the researchers could look at an array of factors including sperm quantity, quality, hormone level, and DNA damage. The men were also asked questions about their exercise, diet and an array of other lifestyle variables, including the question concerning the type of underwear they wore.


Of great interest to researchers was on the type of underwear worn by the men and the sperm quantity and quantity with consideration of the underlying hormonal differences. Their results were startling.

They found that men who mainly wore loose boxer shorts had 33 percent more swimming sperm per ejaculation, 17 percent higher sperm count, and 25 percent higher sperm concentration compared to men sported tight underwear.

Another trend was shown; men who wore loose boxers mainly produced correctly shaped sperms while those who wore tight underwear seemed to produce deformed sperms. This line of the trend, however, held no statistical significance because sperm deformity can be a result of an array of factors including DNA issues. go to this web-site and read more about the findings.

Bottom line

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It has been proved by numerous research findings that tight underwear is detrimental to a man’s reproductive health. Besides ensuring fertility, loose pants are great for overall comfort because they seldom result in sweating.

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