Most Popular Group Sports in Australia

Other than keeping you healthy and on the move, team sports have so much to offer in terms of teamwork, confidence boost and life lessons. Namely, even the most gifted player won’t be able to achieve victory if they don’t learn how to play with others and rely on them. Now, while these benefits may be something that all team sports have in common, rules, dynamics and the overall experience differ from sport to sport. While the popularity of sport shouldn’t be paramount when it comes to your own preference, the truth is that the more popular the sport is, the easier it will be to find a proper field/court and compose a team. With that in mind, here are several most popular group sports in Australia.

  1. Soccer

The very top of this list belongs to soccer, due to the fact that this sport is not only local but also a global phenomenon. In Australia alone, there are over 1.1 million people currently playing this sport. So, what makes soccer so popular? First of all, it’s a low-budget sport. There’s no additional equipment; all you need is a ball and a field. Goals can be easily made with the help of any two objects acting as posts. The rules are quite simple as well, especially if it’s not an official match but just a friendly game between a group of friends. These two components, alongside the idea that this sport is incredibly fun, are enough to secure its place at the top of the list.

  1. Cricket

Like any other Commonwealth country, Australia has a huge group of people obsessed with cricket. In fact, almost a million people play it regularly, two-thirds of which are children. This alone is enough to show that cricket is, indeed, a sport that has a future in front of it. Lastly, you need to understand that this is a sport that brings many health benefits to its fans and players. First of all, it increases one’s stamina and endurance. Second, it improves balance, flexibility and coordination. Most importantly, due to the necessity for cooperation, it improves your social skills.

  1. Basketball

There are so many good reasons why so many people love playing basketball. For starters, the rules are simple and fundamentals are quite easy to learn. This doesn’t mean that you can become an expert player in no time, but just joining a game shouldn’t be that much of a difficulty. Namely, another advantage of this sport lies in the fact that this is an amazing team building exercise. In order to maximize the benefits of this, some entrepreneurs even go as far as to organize a league with a point system with teams composed of their staff members, who are equipped with custom made basketball uniforms from Australia. Needless to say, this gives this entire event a much more formal tone.

  1. Dancing

Apart from being a physically demanding exercise on its own, dancing is one of the trends that can make you into an athlete the easiest. Your feet, posture and overall physical prowess tend to benefit from it the most. Nonetheless, there’s something even more important at play here. Namely, practicing choreography requires an incredible amount of cooperation, coordination and trust. This also means that you get to exercise your communication skills and learn how to depend on your partners. Where there’s a lack of trust and commitment, failures, even injuries, are known to happen. For this reason alone, dancing is an option definitely worth considering.


Due to the fact that Australia is one great melting pot, it’s safe to assume that there is at least some representation of every single sport out there. This ranges from rugby and football, all the way to baseball and ice hockey. The reason why the above-listed four made this list is merely due to the fact that they have quite dominant numbers when it comes to Australian population. It is little wonder, though, as the needed gear is minimal, while the health benefits and enjoyment abound.