Is it hard to learn Lightroom? Where should I start?

There comes a time when you really have to learn how to process your own RAW files. Learning lightroom is not as hard as most people would consider. There are only a few basic tips you heed to consider and you will be good to go. So is it hard to learn lightroom? The answer is No.

A good number of lightroom video tutorials will teach you a few things you need to understand before you even start learning lightroom. This includes the lightroom interface, basic preferences and how to personalize the software to met your needs. So here is where to start.

Lightroom application window

The first thing you will see when you launch lightroom is the main window. This contains settings and image selection that were used when you last quit the program. The interface has these parts:

• The tittle bar is what contains the information you need to know about the catalogs that are open and the current module.

• The menu bar has menus and commands that control various tasks

• The top panel group is where you will find Identity Plate and Module Picker

The lightroom logo is normally shown by default but this can be changed to show your name and logo.

Understand the modules

The second thing your need to do is to understand the five modules that are in lightroom. Each module represents a specific phase of the photographic workflow. The lightroom interface changes according to the module you have activated.


For instance, if you the current module is Develop, the menu bar, main view area and the side panel groups will be filled with menus, tools and commands that are specific to that particular module.

Panels and panels group

You also need to understand how to work with panels and panels groups. Panels are normally arranged in two main groups; the right panel group and left panel group. You only have to click on the tittle bar to either expand or collapse a panel.

If you wish to open or close a panel, you need to right-click on the panel title bar then choose the name. Choose Solo mode if you want to open one panel at a time. So in this case, when you open one panel, the rest will close automatically.

Screen modes

You also need to learn how to use screen modes. Lightroom has three of them and they can be accessed in the Window menu. You need to choose Window the Screen Mode.

File formats

You need a basic understanding of file formats that are used in the lightroom. You can either choose DNG,JPEG,PSD or TIFF.


Color management

Color management in lightroom is the simplest concept to learn. Since the program performs this internally, the user doesn’t have to worry about the right color setting to choose of which color profile works best.

Basic preferences

This is also something you need to know before you start using lightroom. In the general preference, a user can change the language of the menus, options and tooltips. You can also choose not to display some promos or the dialog boxes.