Runners Are Using Weed to Make Long Runs Less Miserable

As a Professional runner, the last thing you would want is to use weed to make your running less miserable and spoil your career. While there are some professional runners have done this without being noticed, the fact is that they are putting their career at risk. If you are running in a marathon for fun or other reasons, you can do this because marathons tend to have limited restrictions.

this page has a lot of information about this topic. It is a topic that several Professional runners avoid. However, it is something that should be talked about.

Half marathons are normally very aerobic, so if you are taking weed for such runs, it may not work for you. So you will need to take in a lot of oxygen so that you can run faster without running out of oxygen.


For weed to produce effective running results, you have to use it for a long time. If you take it as a one-time thing, then it will not be effective. And as we all know, weed can do a lot of bad than good, so when taken for a long time, the chances are high that it will affect your health in a big way.

However, this substance affects different people in various ways. Some people may not feel any difference at all. It is also right to say that this all depends on the running venue. If there is anything that seems to be ruining your running performance, then you should stay away from it at all cost.


As we have discussed above, taking weed does not guarantee a good running performance; this is because different people react to it differently. So if weed is one of the things that are making you perform poorly in your running, then you also have to stay away from it completely.