Food Photography Tips for Food Bloggers

Food blogs are an amazing way to share your passion for cooking and eating out. But it is the photos that make your blog look fantastic. When you take high-quality photos, your audience is more likely to share your work. You don’t need a fancy camera or equipment in order to create stunning images for your blog.

Most smartphones come with good built-in cameras. Here are some tips on improving your food photography.

Use Natural Light

You should always use natural light when taking pictures of food. This makes for better quality on your food blog. Don’t just take pictures in the kitchen.


Go outside since you’ll have the full benefits of daylight. When you use regular or dimmed lights to photograph your recipes, your pictures will look dull and unattractive.

Eliminate Clutter from View

When you take food pictures, get rid of all the clutter surrounding it. It is okay to place one or two utensils and a cup near the plate of food, but you don’t have to use three big vases with flowers.

In food photography, you want to keep things simple so that the focus will be on the food itself.

Read Good Resources

It also helps to read helpful resources if you are a new blogger. Consider reading a food photo guide to assist you with the basics of food photography. Read other popular food blogs to get an idea of how to take the best pictures.

food on the plate

Contact the bloggers by email and ask for advice. You can also send them a link to your blog so you can receive honest feedback. Read mainstream food websites such as Epicurious, Bon Appetit, and Martha Stewart Living.

Dress Your Food Up

Don’t just place a plain bowl of chocolate on the table. Dress it up with amazing toppings such as whipped cream, coconut flakes, cherries, caramel syrup and nuts.

Or if you’re photographing sweet potatoes and pot roast, add some colorful vegetables in the background as a prop. Accessories are just as important as the main dish.

Purchase a Good Tripod

If your photos look blurry, it is because the camera is shaking too much. To keep this from happening, purchase a good tripod for your camera or smartphone.


With a tripod you’ll take better pictures and the images will look clean and crisp. It is best to have more than one tripod if you take pictures both at home and other places. Read reviews of different brands before you buy one.

Make The Pictures Tell a Story

A food blog is not just random pictures of delicious recipes. It is important that you tell a story with the pictures. If you’re taking pictures of quick pasta dishes, talk about why these are your go-to recipes after a busy day at work. If you’re photographing some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, talk about how those cookies were instrumental in winning over your in-laws shortly after you got married. The readers like to know how your recipes influenced your life.

In conclusion, food photography is a skill that requires practice, hard work and a passion for the food you enjoy. Over time, you’ll improve and your food blog will get more traffic.