How Many People Run The Baltimore Marathon

Baltimore Marathon is one of the several races held in Baltimore here is a great post to read. Together these races form the Baltimore Running Festival. Baltimore is one of the most important port towns in the US. The event is also surging in popularity as one of the top marathons in the USA.

Baltimore marathon was first held in 2001, although the city has hosted numerous marathons before. Baltimore marathon has a myriad of events such as the half marathon, full marathon, and relay races.

Typically, the event is well attended with many spectators and runners in the show. All the states of the US has attendees together with 34 countries which are part of the events.

Basic age requirements for the marathon


– To participate in the Baltimore marathon, you must be at least 16 years old.

Basic age requirements for half-marathon

– To participate in the marathon, a runner should have 14 years and above

Award Medals

During the marathon events, the first, second runner and third runner athletes receive awards. This is in the form of gold, silver, and bronze, respectively.

There are also numerous services offered during the Baltimore marathon. They include:

• Equipment Storage

• Parking

• Free parking in select stadium lots



Baltimore marathon uses the best timing technology for its tracking events. It uses the latest B-tag technology which offers the best and smooth racing experience for each participant. The time tags are also great places with each runner having a timing tag. This eliminates the necessity of scanning runners’ chips at the expo. The technology is best and saves time for both the event organizers and runners.

Number of participants

Yearly the number of participants in the Baltimore marathon varies. However, the expected runner for this year is over 40,000 runners from all the 50 US states and 34 other countries.