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Welcome to the interesting baseball website. Baseball is a bat and ball game since It is played between two opposing teams. To play this ball, you must have two teams the fielding team and the batting team. One player from the fielding team throws the ball to another player on the batting team. The opponent player on the batting team is supposed to hit the ball with a bat and return it to the field.

The batting team hits the ball to the field of play and run in the bases. The players run in a counter-clockwise manner around four bases. Batting team scores by making successful runs. On the other hand, the fielding team prevents the batters from making successful runs.

Why Should Play Baseball

Baseball is not common in many countries. It is also true that only few who play this game. Baseball is one of the best games to play. We encourage everybody who doesn’t play this game to begin playing baseball. Many people will think baseball is difficult to play but to be sincere it is one of the easiest games to play. Baseball will keep you in good health. This game keeps your body parts in lots of movements hence giving enough exercise.

There are many good reasons why you should play baseball. Baseball will help to develop the ability to work as a team. For your team to win you win everybody will be required to put his or her efforts. Baseball is also a type of game that is easy to play. You don’t need a lot of skills to play this game. Baseball will also help you improve your coordination. For you to return the ball back to the pitch you will need to have eye-hand coordination.

Baseball equipment

For you to play baseball you are required to have several types of equipment. You will be required to have a baseball helmet, Baseball Cap and a Catching Helmet. Other types of equipment include a bat, baseball Cleats and Sliding Shorts. Without the above requirements, it will be a risk for you to play baseball because you can get big injuries.



  • I was introduced to baseball by one of my friends. Firstly, it looked too complicated to play. I never imagined whether I could manage the rules of the game. Furthermore, it also looked dangerous for me to play the game.

    Later I came to understand that it the easiest and the most enjoyable game to play. After playing the game for a while, I become an addict of the game. I couldn’t stay for more than three days without playing the baseball. I always ensure that I finish my duties early so as to have enough time to play the baseball.

    Since I began playing the baseball have gained a lot of improvements in my life. Baseball has helped me to have enough exercises. I always feel flexible and I can do all my duties with ease. I used to experience a lot of pains in my body after doing a light task but nowadays am flexible and able to do a lot of work.

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